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Why You Need To Fix Your Business Listings Online

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Making sure your business is listed correctly across the web is an often overlooked part of many people’s digital marketing strategy. The truth is it’s more common sense than any kind of marketing strategy. If the sign in front of your business was broken, wouldn’t you fix it? That same mentality needs to extend online with how your business is represented. You need to fix the places online where your business information is either missing, broken, or incomplete just as you would if it were your physical sign.

80% of businesses have either missing or incomplete information across the Internet. Take the example below of a local restaurant that was scanned using our free MyWebBasics scanner to check its listings.

Notice the percentages. The name is wrong in 93% of listings, while the address and phone number are wrong in less places. Think about how much business is potentially being lost because of theses errors.

Let’s look at the scan results in more detail:

You can see what information is wrong and where. Notice the listings on Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, and Yelp are all correct and match up. That is how you want all of them to look. Not only is this just common sense but Google loves that and will boost your SEO rankings.

The bottom line is why leave money on the table by not making sure your business is accurately listed and people have the best chance of finding you.

Do you know what your business looks like online? Use our FREE Scan Tool to check it now. You can fix the listings yourself one by one, or you can let the professionals at MyWebBasics do it for you.

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