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Why Search Engine Optimization Matters

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Running a business is a lot of work.  The whole idea behind your business is to fulfill a need of your target audience.  In the past, your target audience would find you because of a sign on the street or word of mouth.  In the highly technical world that we live in today, this is no longer the case, you need to implement search engine optimization efforts.  Your target audience is looking for solutions for their needs online.  Can you currently be found easily online?


Befriend the Search Engines

If you want to be found online, you need to befriend the search engines as they are more advanced than ever before.  Today search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing have algorithms that you need to be in tune with.  For instance, in late 2019, Google quietly announce their BERT Update  that changed the SEO game for a lot of businesses.  This update shifted the focus a bit, so content became even more important, with relevant content being ranked more highly than irrelevant content.  Do you have enough content? Is your content relevant and optimized?

Embrace Organic Searches

Even if you are not paying for online advertising, you will want to be able to be found organically and that can be done with SEO.  That is, when your target audience is searching for the product or services that you provide, they will be able to find you.  Paid advertisements are a great add on to your SEO efforts, but as much as 70% of visits to websites are through organic searches.  You can improve organic search capability through great content, backlinks, design, and keywords.  SEO, when done correctly, is a multifaceted approach, allowing you to be found organically.

Compliment Your Advertising Endeavors

Organic search capabilities are important, but when you are paying for advertising, SEO should continue to be a focus.  If you are paying for advertising, you need to ensure that your SEO efforts are reflected in your advertising campaigns.  Ensuring that you are targeting the right locations, keywords and audience is always important but even more so if you are paying for the exposure.

My Web Basics is Ready to Help You Improve Your SEO Efforts

Search engine optimization can be overwhelming if you are just delving into it. Or, if you have tried your had at SEO and it is not for you, that is ok and quite common, too.  My Web Basics is ready to step in and provide the SEO services that you need. We offer a variety of packages so you can select the services that you need and the price point that you are comfortable with. Contact us to get started today!

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