INFOGRAPHIC: The Most Important Digital Marketing Stats For 2017

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Here’s a very interesting and useful infographic I came across this morning over at Social Media Today. Hat tip to Mark Walker-Ford for finding this gem. There is a ton of useful information crammed into this but two items in particular stood out to me.

1. Only 50% of B2B businesses have a responsive website – It’s shocking that in 2017 this is still true. The majority of people who come to your website do so via mobile device. Not having a website optimized for mobile is like working with one hand tied behind your back. That said, it provides a HUGE opportunity to get an edge over your competitors. Take advantage of it!

2. Instagram has the highest interaction rate – Instagram is not just a place for young people to post pictures anymore. It’s an extremely powerful social media and marketing platform. Millions of conversations are taking place there every day. If you’re not marketing your business on Instagram you should be.

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