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3 Other Ways To Market Your Local Business Online

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The first thing most people think of when they think about marketing their local business online is Google. It’s how the vast majority of us find things we are looking for, we “Google it.” Which is why if you do nothing else for your business online, at the very least you should make sure it’s listed correctly on Google and verified on Google maps.

With that said, for your business to really get significant exposure locally you need to do more than just list it on Google. There are some other more creative ways to increase your visibility online and improve your local SEO.

1. List Your Business In Local Directories

There are over 100 directories your business could be listed in that will increase your online visibility in search results and boost your search ranking higher. The key is to make sure the same vital information like name, address, and phone number you have listed on Google matches up with all your directory listings. We actually offer that service here at MyWebBasics. We list your business and maintain your listings across directories and monitor your traffic from them.

* You can scan your business and see what your directory listings look like here

2. Interact With Local Bloggers In Your Area

Engaging with your local community online is just as important as doing it in person. Use Twitter to find local bloggers and influencers in your area and strike up relationships with them. Seek out local journalists as well who may be interested in doing a story on your business. The key is to build those relationships that will begin to pay off for you over time. A good Twitter tool for finding people to connect with is Twiangulate.

3. Go Hyper-Local With Your Social Media Ads

Facebook has one of the most powerful advertising platforms ever conceived. The key is to really drill down on your audience so you don’t waste money showing your ads to people who are not relevant to your business or live somewhere else. Take the time to create ads that will only show to people in your community and the surrounding areas who are potential customers. You can drill down by age, gender, location, interests, and pretty much anything else you can imagine (yes, it’s kinda scary–but it works!).

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